Video from Capoeira Arizona’s Event

Video from the roda after the Friday nigh workshop during Capoeira Arizona’s batizado week.

Batizado 2013

Our 2013 Batizado was a success. Congratulations to all the new cords. Here’s video of the event.

First Ever Capoeira Video Through Google Glass

As far as we know, the first time Google Glass was used to record a Capoeira game was at our academy on July 6, 2013. This is how it looks from the point of view of a person playing Capoeira.

Capoeira Classes at Arizona State University

Starting September 1st 2012 we are offering Capoeira classes in partnership with Sun Devil Fitness.

Classes will take place on Saturdays at 9am at the SDFC Small Gym B. For information on cost and how to sign up, please visit the Sun Devil Fitness website.

Cultural History of Capoeira’s Musical Instruments


An excellent article exploring the history of Capoeira’s musical instruments.

With origins in North Africa dating around 30,000 years ago, the berimbau is said to be one of the world’s oldest musical instruments and originating from the hunting bow… [ read more ]

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