Cultural History of Capoeira’s Musical Instruments

An excellent article exploring the history of Capoeira’s musical instruments.

With origins in North Africa dating around 30,000 years ago, the berimbau is said to be one of the world’s oldest musical instruments and originating from the hunting bow… [ read more ]

Fight Sciences

The show is called Fight Sciences, and the first half of this particular episode is about Capoeira.

Excellent episode, very informative as well as entertaining to watch. The best martial artists are not only athletes and fighters, but they are also some of the greatest scientists.

Understanding the human body only heightens an individuals physical abilities. Its all about finding your center and knowing yourself.

Capoeira and the Theory of the Multiple Intelligences

The Theory of the Multiple Intelligences


In college, I took a Movement Analysis class in which a very specific day stood out, and it had very little to do with our teacher being absent that day. 🙂 The class was substituted by a teacher/professional dancer who focused the entire class period on one concept: the theory of the multiple intelligences. At this point in the semester we had already been discussing developmental patterns in babies, and how continual movement or even the lack thereof could have an effect on brain function, development, and even personality shaping. [ i.e. Those babies who spent more (supervised) “time on the belly” would benefit from motor development, visual development and eased social/public speaking anxiety]

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Back to the Start

Morena, Linguinha, Trovao and Maia, CBLA Batizado 2005.

In 2004, two major changes occurred in my life. First, I finished my graduate program, and a vacuum of free time opened up in my life allowing for such extravagances such as exercise. Second, the nomadic nature of Phoenix hit my circle of friends via a mass exodus, leaving me with only friends from work. I stumbled into capoeira both literally (former soccer player who hadn’t exercised steadily since college) and figuratively – hearig a friend’s stories of joining in another city was followed by a flier posted in a part of Tempe I didn’t frequent. I was a month away from turning 30, which felt old enough to know that solitary workouts at the gym were never going to be my steady routine, and young enough to not think twice about what my body could/couldn’t learn. With nothing to do one Saturday afternoon, having never seen capoeira, I threw on some workout clothes and went to a class.

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When to Stretch – Why Experts Recommend Athletes Stretch After Exercise

Research finds that it’s better to stretch after exercise and warm up before.

By Elizabeth Quinn via


Stretching and Muscle Soreness

Some research suggests that stretching doesn’t prevent muscle soreness after exercise. Researchers Robert Herbert, Ph.D., and Marcos de Noronha, Ph.D. of the University of Sydney conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of 10 previously published studies of stretching either before or after athletic activity. They concluded that stretching before exercise doesn’t prevent post-exercise muscle soreness. They also found little support for the theory that stretching immediately before exercise can prevent either overuse or acute sports injuries.

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An Ill-informed Guide to Cross-training for Capoeira

An excellent post from Omulu Capoeira Guanabara in San Fransisco on how to cross-train for Capoeira.

Two caveats:

  1. I am not a doctor, or a health professional of any kind. My education in the medical arts does not extend beyond high school biology, although I do own the first season of House on DVD. All subsequent training advice is based on personal observation and experience, and must be taken with the obligatory grain of salt.
  2. Cross-training is in no way a substitute for actual training. The physical demands of capoeira, let alone the techniques and reactions involved, cannot be approximated by even the craziest and most overboard workout schemes. If you want to improve your capoeira, go to class, as no amount of marathons, sit-ups or military presses can teach you to properly dodge a kick. Cross-training should be regarded as a supplement rather than a replacement. If you find capoeira hasn’t already sucked up all of your free time and energy, by all means do some workouts. But never at the expense of your regular training.
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