Video from Capoeira Arizona’s Event

Video from the roda after the Friday nigh workshop during Capoeira Arizona’s batizado week.

First Ever Capoeira Video Through Google Glass

As far as we know, the first time Google Glass was used to record a Capoeira game was at our academy on July 6, 2013. This is how it looks from the point of view of a person playing Capoeira.

Hackspace Performance

Video from our performance at the Night Vision Gallery for Gangplank‘s Popup Hackspace Event on Saturday Jan. 7th 2012.

We regularly perform and share Capoeira with schools, non-profit organizations and community affiliates. Since our establishment we have performed in over 50 events. Please contact us if you’d like us to perform at your next event.

Fight Sciences

The show is called Fight Sciences, and the first half of this particular episode is about Capoeira.

Excellent episode, very informative as well as entertaining to watch. The best martial artists are not only athletes and fighters, but they are also some of the greatest scientists.

Understanding the human body only heightens an individuals physical abilities. Its all about finding your center and knowing yourself.

Capoeira Brasil Tempe 2011 Spring Encounter Part 1


In 2011, Capoeira Brasil Tempe hosted their Spring Encounter. Guests included CM Colibi, Prof Lua, Prof Borboleta, Inst Pavao, Inst Chegado… and many more.

Friday Night Roda During our Spring Encounter 2011

Lots of action at the academy this evening.

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