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Professor Trovão is dedicated in providing his students with the training and knowledge to become complete Capoeiristas. That includes physical conditioning and knowledge of the art’s traditions and its music. Capoeiristas often immerse themselves in the art, training, researching, and socializing outside of class. To train Capoeira is more than just going once in a while for the workout, or to enjoy the energy of the roda.

To progress in Capoeira you must try to continually develop your movements, connecting them like words in a sentence and you must play in the roda, applying what you have learned in your training. Come to class, and try your movements in the roda. Don’t be afraid of not being able to do it right – just don’t forget your basic movements. Repetition and consistency will improve your game. Play with as many people as possible and don’t be afraid of playing with a higher cord. They will challenge you and help you grow. Be careful, above all things, not to hurt the person you are playing with.

First Time Students

Classes focus on both an aerobic and anaerobic workouts, although this can vary from class to class. We always stretch and warm-up to avoid injury but those having specific conditions are always encouraged to tell the teacher, as well as make your own warm-up prior to class.

Adults of any age and any physical condition can start training Capoeira.

If you are ready to try Capoeira, please come to one of the beginner classes at our academy 15 minutes prior to class start time and the teacher will answer any questions you may have.
Please wear comfortable clothes, bring plenty of water, relax and enjoy the class.

Parents, please bring your children to one of the kids class listed on the schedule below.


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Number of Classes Price per Month
10 $80
15 $90
Unlimited $120

Drop-in rate: $20


Number of Classes Price per Month
4 $50
8 $70
12 $90


All classes take place at our academy in Tempe unless otherwise noted. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the classes.


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