Mestre Caxias

Mestre Caxias has been playing capoeira for over twenty years. As a youngster, he played capoeira in the streets of Rio de Janeiro even before beginning an eight-year period of formal training with Mestre Bodinho. In 1983, Caxias traveled to Puerto Rico to perform with the Plataforma Company. Five years later, he began training with Mestre Boneco of Grupo Capoeira Brasil.

In June 1994, Caxias moved to New York where he started that city’s first Grupo Capoeira Brasil. In just six years, his original classes of three have expanded to nearly one hundred students.

As he built the group in New York, Caxias also started other Capoeira Brasil groups in several US cities. Currently, Caxias devotes his time to teaching and performing around the world.

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